Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to protect & register your BRAND - Seminar.

I have received a brochure for a day long Seminar on "Registering & Protecting Your Brand" being organized in Hyderabad,India on 24th January, 2009 [Saturday]. The topics are: Introduction to Branding, Importance of a Brand - Doctors' perspective, Emerging Legal Issues in brand registration, strategies for effective brand building. One hour time is devoted exclusively for an interactive session. My friend Rtn.Vijayanandan Reddy, CEO of TRICON will be the lead resource presenter along with an official of Trade Mark Registry office, Government of India and a host of other speakers. I recommend you to attend this Seminar to enrich yourself. You can view the details at: and download brochure [2mb size] from:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SANKRANTI - a festival of Pongal delights

Every year 14th January is celebrated as SANKRANTHI or PONGAL which marks the change of season, when the rays of the sun become perceptibly stronger and we notice an end to the winter in India. This turn in the sun's course takes place at the point of time when it enters the zodiac sign of Makara or Capricorn. The day-duration increases and the night decreases from the day of Sankranti. Whether we call it Sankranti or Pongal, the period abounds with harvest rituals. City or a village, the charm of this four-day festival continues in Andhra Pradesh State in India. We the Telugus [whose spoken language is Telugu] like to call this festival 'Pedda Panduga' meaning big festival. The whole event lasts for four days, the first day Bhogi [today to celebrate with family members], the second day Sankranti [day dedicated to the worship of Surya-the Sun God ] , the third day Kanuma [day to worship the cattle] and the fourth day, Mukkanuma [day is devoted to merriment and socializing] Notwithstanding the fast changing times, this festival captures the quintessence of `Teluguness' in all its entirety, the traditional practices and customs continue to hold their own even today particularly in villages. Read my collection of an article in telugu language [pdf file ] to reflect how the spirit is still alive in rural places: Sankranti is a favourite time to discard the old and welcome the new things & initiatives. Let us celebrate this festival with all delights.
Wish you happy SANKRANTI.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pc2Web TIPS - Firefox Session Restore Utility

Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are two most popular and reliable internet browsers on the planet. But which one is more user friendly and preferable? Of course, the internet user community is divided about this. However I use both simultaneously.
Have you ever heard of the Session Restore feature in Firefox? The Session Restore feature basically restores a browsing session for you if Firefox happens to crash or Software crash due to unexpected issues such as power outage or problems with a website or software errors. Firefox may close or your computer shuts down unexpectedly. For example, you're working along in Firefox and you have close to 5 tabs open at once. When everything settles down and you turn your computer back on, you can open Firefox again and it will ask you if you want to restore your previous session or not. You can then either go back to what you were doing or start a brand new session. How cool is that?!
Firefox can be configured to restore all windows and tabs that were open when the application is closed or terminated unexpectedly.To set up the Session Restore feature for your Firefox browser, simply go to Tools, Options and under the Main tab, look for the first section that says "When Firefox starts." Use the drop down menu and select "Show my windows and tabs from last time." Click OK and you'll be all set. You never have to worry about losing one of your browsing sessions ever again. So, go on and work in confidence! If Firefox continues to experience errors when windows and tabs are re-opened, you can launch the browser without restoring these items. Click Start New Session.
A Caution: Session Restore may keep you logged in to sites that you were logged into before you closed Firefox. If someone else used your computer after you, they could access your account on these sites. If this is a concern then you should not configure Firefox to open all windows and tabs from your previous session ("Show my windows and tabs from last time" option described above).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rotary District 3150 Conference at Warangal - My impressions

As a Rotarian and Vice-Presidnet of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West and District Chairman for Career Guidance 2008-09 of Rotary District 3150 [comprising 70+ Clubs] in Andhra Pradesh State, India, I attended the two day Rotary District Conference [named as SANDADI ] on 2nd and 3rd January, 2009 at Warangal hosted by Rotary Clubs of Hanamkonda. Here are my impressions:
  1. All the topics and the speakers in the all the sessions were very interesting and worth listening to know more about Rotary and Seva related topics. It was pleasant to listen to the Chief guest Shri M Gopalakrishna IAS [Rtd] who is known for his vocabulary in English & Telugu that make the audience spell-bound. What surprised me was that when I met him during lunch time, he remembered my name and profession [Company Secretary] even though I met him several years back during my presentation at a training programme for the Corporate Top Executives organized by him as Chief of Institute of Public Enterprises.
  2. The 1st plenary session on Service projects moderated by dynamic Rtn Ravi Vadlamni has been innovative to make Rotarians known the impact of the service projects.
  3. Second plenary session on " New Generations" was aptly moderated by Rtn.Dr.Vijendra Rao, Past District Governor. The speech on Yuvatha-Navatha-Bhavitha by Shri Gollapudi Maruthi Rao -Film actor & writer - compared the generations and advised the Rotarians to take up projects to help youth to keep up values and shine as better citizens.
  4. The highlight for the first day end event was the Fellowship Night. A well planned cultural programme followed by house of friendship started early and concluded by 10-౦౦ప్మ్
  5. The 3rd plenary session on International Service was taken up on second day morning. This session was handled by Rtn Sam [Past District Governor] who has given overview of Rotary Foundation and introduced the inbound Group Exchange Programme teams. The GSE teams made power point presentations that helped to get to know about 7 team members and two team leaders from Rotary Districts 6150 Arkansar USA and Rotary District 5960 Minnesota,USA. The Hindu News paper has published a worth noting photograph in their edition on 4th January, 2009 with a caption: "Showcasing tradition" with a description:" AWED: Two foreign delegates at a seminar organized by Rotary Club admiring the cut-out depicting rural way of life in Warangal on Saturday."
  6. The best part I liked was the 4th plenary session on "Vocational Service" wherein ten personalities from Film, Medicine, TV, Legal, Sports, Community Service, Education and Mimicry fields have been chosen and felicitated with Vocational Service & Excellence Awards followed by their acceptance speeches and briefly showcasing their talent. Distribution to the audience a leaflet containing the Awardee's profiles would have saved time during this session.
  7. Though I could not be available for the 5th plenary session on Club Service by Janab Mustaq Ahmed from Kakinada, I understand from my Rotarian collegues the speech was outstanding on "Manushulantha Okkatey" .
  8. The 6th session again handled with a poetic introduction by Rtn Ravi Vadlamani [Past District Governor] about the Prajakavi Dr.Andhesri a poet who has written songs for few movies. Hailing from a rural place with only primary education had a distinction of being honoured by Kakatiya University in Warangal with a Doctorate. He rendered his lyrics and songs on mankind.
  9. The concluding session on "My Impressions" by Rtn Joitabhai Patel the Past District Governor from Gujarat & the Rotary International Representative for this conference. This was followed by short speeches by Rtn Suresh -District Governor Elect 2009-10 on Year Ahead while Rtn Rajyalakshmi V [ District Governor Nominee 2010-11] about "The Year After".
  10. I thank Rtn.Sameer Kumar -the Communication Committee Chair who accepted and published my article on "9 Essentials For Creativity" in the Conference Souvenir [Pages 18 & 19] and our Club poster in page 25 which was published as a paid advertisement given by club and partially supported by me and Rtn Dr. Jayashree Desai. This poster can be downloaded from our Club website at:
  11. All our 8 members of the Club traveled to & fro by Cars visited the famous Thousand Pillar Temple in Warangal. We enjoyed and enriched with this District Conference. Our Club Secretary Rtn. Devendra Desai bagged the lucky winner prize. Catering and stay arrangements were excellent. A special provision for Speakers and the VIPs lunch and dinner could have arranged instead of making them stand in long ques. A feed back sheet from participants in such conferences help the organizers to excell in future events. We were delighted to receive an SMS on our mobiles the very next day from Rtn Sarat Babu -the District Governor who thanked our participation to make the Conference successful. In all the organizers the Rotary Club of Hanamkonda who hosted for the first time an event like this attended by 800+ delegates deserve appreciation for their best efforts to make this Conference quite memorable.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I am on LinkedIn

I have found, LinkedIn is a growing professional and business networking platform that offers good opportunities for (re)connecting. LinkedIn is a web-based social-networking service. It is one of several online networking sites aimed squarely at the professional and business community friends. What attracted me is its membership (more than 20 million people), easy to use interface, provision to load more details about me and facility to get advice from experts who are also connected and willing to share their expertise. I have created my own group "PresentationTips" to share thoughts and ideas for better Presentation. The best advantage of LinkedIn is that it provides a place to create a professional and structured profile that people can easily find on the web. I've been a member of LinkedIn for a while now. And here I am on LinkedIn:

This user-friendly web-profile has become an effective extension to my virtual Business Card. I'm using LinkedIn to continue my existing personal or business contacts and look for new introductions.

I wish to invite you view my brief profile at which points to and click JOIN NOW to post your initial details to add me as your connection.