Saturday, August 22, 2009

Online way to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi

Vinayaka or Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrating the birthday of the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. It begins on the fourth day of Bhadrapada, which is usually sometime in August or September, and lasts eleven days. This Year festival is being celebrated on 23 August.
Lord Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati who needed protection while her husband, Lord Shiva was away. She made young Ganesha guard her house. Upon his return Shiva was denied entrance by the boy who didn't realize their relation. In his anger Shiva struck off his head. Parvati broke down in sorrow and in order to soothe her, Shiva ordered men to bring a head of the first creature they encounter. They came back with an elephant's head which was attached to the boy's body and Shiva bestowed powers of a God upon him.
Traditionally clay figures of Ganesha are made for worship and later immersed into the water. Sweets (ladoos) are distributed, milk offered to the idols of the Lord, people pray and feast. It's time to worship and surrender to Lord Ganesha.
To perform onling puja to Ganesha Click:
Wish You Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.