Saturday, February 28, 2015

PTW#1-First Impression with Title to Presentation

Presentation That Works [ PTW ] – that contains series of articles on Presentation Tips being contributed by me,  is a regular feature introduced by the Hyderabad Chapter of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India [ ICSI ] in its Newsletter "Corporate Secretary" starting from February2015.

"First Impression with Title to Presentation" is the topic published in February 2015 issue in Page number 18 of  News Letter which can be downloaded and viewd in pdf format from the link: eNewsletter February 2015.pdf

I appreciate the efforts CS Rahul Jain, Managing Committee Member & Editor of ICSI Hyderabad Chapter  Newsletter,  in bringing out this maiden issue of 2015. I also thank him and his team on the News Letter Committee for selecting me for this ongoing contribution.

Looking forward for your reading, posting your thoughts and impressions in the comments box and finally sharing this Article.  

CS Suryanarayana SV