Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Benefit From Newspaper Reading To Blog Writing

This was the subject of my orientation today [24 Feb 2010] during a 4 hour training session as part of the Student Induction Programme conducted by the Hyderabad Chapter of Company Secretaries for the students just joined the professional course. As an avid reader and blog savvy, it was challenge to me to make my audience understand the importance of traditional habit of Newspaper reading and telling how Blogs benefit them. The 50+ aspirants effectively participated in Newspaper reading Game. Photo included in this Blog shows how seriously the participants carefully listening and jotting down unfamiliar words to refer dictionary. What attracted the audience is the top for reading a Newspaper by net savvy people:
1. Newspaper never crashes or flashed animated ads.
2. It follows me without laptop or a wireless connection or a PDA.
3. One can read while standing, while eating, while riding a bus.
4. An item or portion of Newspaper can be cut out and preserved.
5. No need to sign in or customize or register 
6. Newspaper has high-resolution picutres and type on large pages that load almost instantly, making it easy to browse and enjoy.
7. It is cheap, disposable and easy to replace. If it's lost or stolen, it's no big deal.
8. Newspaper is not made of unrecyclable toxic materials.
9. If Newspaper makes a mistake, the corrigendum is posted with an explanation. 
10. One can read newspaper sitting outside on a nice day in the sun, even if a breeze is blowing, It also protects from sun and rain.

Here are the thoughts and impressions by few participants in their written feedback: 
  • This session ignited my mind to read Newspaper daily.It also enhanced my knowledge about Blog creation. -Mr.Venkatesh Challa, Hyderabad 
  • In this session, I could meet new people. I have read The Hindu Newspaper item " Tiger Attacks in Sunderbans". Though participated  in gruop, I prefer to do something individually also. -Ms.Divya Bordia, Secunderabad 
  • Changing places during this session helped me to interact with co-participants - Mr Venkata Rama Rao, Amalapuram 
  • Career tips were good. But time allotted to this session was less. - Ms. Kalyani, Hyderabad 
  • First Listen and then Speak was the best advise given by the Faculty by keeping the audience deciplined. - Ms. Praveena, Hyderabd.
  • Whenever Globe image appeared on screen, I was learning something more as to how to become tech-savvy. - Sampath Kumar Devatha, Hyderabad 
  • I liked this session as we were asked to change seats frequently that helped to get introduced to our own collegues with whom we have not talked earlier. Another session on Writing Skills will also be helpful to us. -Srikamalam K, Secunderabad 
  • Handling Newspaper 'Gently' was an eye opener for me. - Aditya Guha Roy, Hyderabad 
  • My memorable experience was to listining to the faculty who was instilling values to become successful Company Secretary. - Neetih Paticia 
  • Good encouragement given by the faculty and his voice resembles Sri (late) Thirumalasetty Sriramulu - Famus Telugu Regional News Reader - Mr. paladugu Venkata Subba Rao, Hyderabad 
  • Faculty was  systematic presentation, powerful in teaching with wealth of knowledge inculcated in the students the need of  discipline and dedication. - Chaitanya T, Hyderabad

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free Webinar - Signup & Serve As A Rotary International Volunteer

To commemorate the 105th anniversary of Rotary International, a FREE Webinar [online live Seminar] will be Moderated by me on behalf of Rotary District 3150, India on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, at 4:00 PM Indian Standard Time (GMT +05:30) for one hour on
Sign Up & Serve As A Rotary International Volunteer.

The Webinar will familiarize participants about the Rotary Volunteers programme, which is one of Rotary International's structured programs designed to help Rotary Clubs & Rotary Districts to achieve their service goals. It will also provide a unique opportunity to interact live with me as  our  District Chair, Rotary Volunteers, [I served as a Rotary Volunteer in Australia for 30 days]  and also act as the Moderator.

Rotarians, Rotaractors, Inner Wheel members and even Non-Rotarians and friends from any part of world can take part in this Webinar.

The participants' registration is FREE and one can attend this program without payment of any fee.

You can view the Program Brochure at :
a copy at:

Please Register your name online at:

This advance registration is essential in view of limited number of seats, and for participants to receive pre-webinar communications.
Kindly also forward this blog announcement [with CC to:] to your friends and well wishers and motivate them to avail of this opportunity. Link to forward :

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enrich With Young Minds

I have been a Trainer for the Rotaract District 3150 -youth wing of Rotary Clubs of Rotary International, comprising 42 Rotaract Clubs in Andhra Pradesh, India. I am designated as the Rotaract District Trainer 2009-2010.
Rotaract District Conference is an annual event conducted on 13 and 14th February, 2010 in Hyderabad with a participation of over 200 youngsters from different parts of the State. My role was to guide, train and assist the organizing team headed by Rtn Thansen District Rotaract Representative [incharge of 42 Clubs] and 20 active Members of the host organizers Rotaract Club of Hyderabad East. Here are highlights I cherish in associating myself with this event:
  1. I could meet &  invite my admirer and whom I know since several years, Shri M. Gopalakrishna (Retired from Indian Administrative Services) as the Chief Guest of this conference. It was yet another occassion to listen to his dexterity in English & Telugu language vocabulary bundled in spell bound talk telling the youth ranging from values to vision.
  2. Swamy Anupamananda, Director of Vivekananda Institute of Languages, is known for his eloquent messages to youth. I invited him on earlier two occassions for similar Youth events and experienced his lectures as well as the finest feedback given by the participants. At my instance, Swamyji readily accepted to be the Guest of Honour for validictory session of this conference despite his pre-scheduled Sunday talks in Ramakrishna Mission. It proved "when there is a wll there is a way", Swamiji [even though last minute invitation was accorded], was kind and addressed the delegates on "You Are The Future".
  3. Mr. Venu Bhawan -my contemperor in training - a life coach with flair for creativity was an adde flavour with his illustrious talk on "Ignite The Fire Within". His examples in telugu with a nerration in English attracted the young minds who applauded several rounds during his 45 minutes talk.
  4. Rotaract Awards for Vocational Excellence and Vocational Service were presented during this conference to Mr. Venu [Trainer] and Mrs. Lynne Voggu [who cares for AIDS orphans]. The receipiants had expressed their appreciation for this honour and their respective citations prepared by me.
  5. I have presented a session on "Apply Six Thinking Hats" for about an hour telling the youngsters the purpose, benefits and the ways to fine tune thinking of the team mates. I have distributed one page writeup to the participants. Use this link to download: Six Thinking Hats - Leaflet.pdf
  6. What delighted me was, some of the participants requested me to repeat this session or takeup any topic of interst to Youth in their Clubs while the DRR of Rotaract District 3060 invited me to thier conference in Dhone 200 km from Hyderabad. Good topic generates good networking.
  7. One of the participants Rtr.Vijay Kanth [ ] introduced himself with his magic card. First of its I kind I came accross such a novel idea to use business card to reflect his passion.
  8. Rotaract Leaders who took my cues were: Rtr.Phani Pawan, Rtr. Hari Kishan, Rtr. Varenya, Rtr. Rupesh, Rtr.Veda & Rtr. Krutika in District Council Rtr Ravi, Rtr Sruthi, Rtr Akbar Ali, Rtr. Kedari, Rtr. Srimanth & Rtr.Amrutha of host club. They have demonstrated their excellence in handling several aspects of this conference. Kudos to you all.
  9. Rtr.Thansen -a wonder Rotaract Leader - in a befitting manner honoured me and acknowledged my services to Rotaract activities & this conference [ photo added in this blog ]
Working With Youth, though not a tough job, I am enriched with these young minds.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Personal Blog Benifits More - Attend online FREE live sesson

Join this introductory class to get finer tips to accelerate your thinking process to start your own Personal Blog.
Date: Monday, 8th February, 2010
Time: 9:00 PM ((GMT+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi)
Duration: 30 minutes
Session Link: