Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy To Accept 2010 All Star Award From Constant Contact

I’ve been named an All Star by Constant Contact!
A BIG thank you to all of those who support my endeavors!
It has been a pleasure to have your name in my contact list maintained by me using the Constant Contact - an online Mailing List with tools to email  management, survey and allied services on paid basis, meaning that I have been a subscriber to Constant Contact services for over two years.
Here is the announcement made by Constant Contact:

Congratulations! You're a 2010 Constant Contact All Star.
Link to view announcement image file:
Constant Contact®, Inc., based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA  is revolutionizing the success formula for professionals and small organizations through affordable, easy-to-use Engagement Marketing tools that help create and grow customer relationships.  More than 400,000 professionals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and member associations worldwide rely on Constant Contact as their engagement hub for starting and driving ongoing customer dialogs through email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online surveys.  All Constant Contact products come with unrivaled know how, education and free coaching with a personal touch, including award-winning customer support. 
All Star Program by Constant Contact recognizes its customers like me each year who stands out among more than 400,000 professionals, small businesses and organizations. These selected "power users" make the most of CC marketing tools—both in how well they use Constant Contact to meet their goals and the results they get in return.
How do All Stars get picked?
All Stars come in all shapes and sizes — professionals, small businesses and organizations from different industries and areas. When Constant Contact chooses All Stars, it looks at the following criteria for success:
    * Communicate with customers and members for all four quarters of the year
    * Update mailing lists often and obtain permission from all their subscribers to contact them
    * Have high open and click-through rates, and low bounce rates
    * Use mailing list sign-up tools like "Join My Mailing List" on their website or Facebook page
    * Use reports to gain insights about their contact list and online marketing activities
    * Use social media tools
    * For Online Survey customers: have high survey completion rates
    * For Event Marketing customers: have a high ratio of invitees who register for their events
    * For  Partners: make great use of their own or their clients' accounts
As I would have gained more points in the aforesaid criteria, I have been named as one of Constant Contact’s 2010 top performers and most prolific user of its tools, whether within Constant Contact’s email marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, or survey products – or a combination of all four.

Thank YOU for all your loyalty, readership and engaging yourself with my regular communications -be it eGreeting or online Survey or Blog Digest or eNewsletters, for that matter any communication that has been sent to you.
Your support is part of what helped me to win this Award and receive the Honor. Being an All Star is a great achievement and makes me one of Constant Contact’s leading users. 
Get This Gift:
On this occasion I wish to offer my library copy of  downloadable FREE eBook [Size 266k] on "Top-20-Business-Vocabulary" containing selected keywords in different areas of Business English (British and American). An exe file is bundled as zip file and therefore you need a  WinZip software installed on your computer to unzip and use the eBook. Please note that some of the links in this eBook will direct you to various internet sites or mail to addresses. It is therefore advisable that while using this eBook you may stay connected to Internet for optimal viewing and usage.
Click on the following link or copy and paste this link in the address field of your Browser:
Again click on file to unzip the eBook file, save and copy to your PC.

I Recommend You:
You can try Constant Contact's quick, easy, and affordable email marketing, online survey and event marketing products FREE for 60 days. You don't even need to give them a credit card. Just click on the button below to get started.
FREE 60-Day Trial Link:
When you become a Constant Contact customer, you and I will each receive a $30 credit to our Constant Contact account! It's their way of thanking customers for spreading the word about Constant Contact.
I have been using Constant Contact paid account since two years. I strongly recommend you to use this service in view of its abundant benefits. Try the trail today and experience yourself.

I look forward for your rating, feedback with impressions. I love to here about action taken by you upon reading this blog.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holi Greeting
H O L I 
- a festival colours
This year 19th March is celebrated as HOLI in India a celebration of spring, good harvest, hope and fertility 
Wish you happy HOLI
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