Thursday, January 26, 2012

India Republic Day - January 26 - A Patriotic Fervor & Celebration

We celebrate Republic Day in colorful and exciting ways
January 26, 1950 marked the transition of India from a British Dominion to a Republic and adopted the Constitution which came into force on this day although our Great Country was declared independent on 15th August, 1947 but till 1949 it didn't have a permanent constitution of its own and instead were functioning under the laws enacted and implemented by the British. And after many amendments the Constitution was approved and accepted on November 26, 1949 that came into force in a full-fledged fashion from on 26 January, 1950. Thus, Republic  Day celebration is the moment to remember the coming of the Constitution into effect.

To mark Republic Day in a memorable and significant way, every year in New Delhi, capital of India, a grand parade is held that starts from the Raisina Hill in the neighborhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan that passes along the Rajpath and ends at India Gate. The President, Prime Minister and other high rank officials of India on this occasion make their presence at Rajpath to celebrate the occasion. The President and also addresses the nation with Republic Day speech.The President of India unfolds the National flag as soon as the National  Anthem is played and being Commander-in Chief of the armed forces, takes the salute from different regiments of the Army, Navy and Air Force that march past in all their official splendour. Furthermore, the Republic Day parade also includes lively displays and exhibits India's rich and colouful culture and also brings the entire nation together. The parade concludes with the flypast by Indian Air Force jets.

The 63rd  Republic Day  Celebrations on 26th January 2012 at New Delhi, India Live Webcast of Flag Hoisting Ceremony  by Hon'ble President of India Followed by Republic Day Parade from Rajpath is available on 26th Jan 2012 from  9:30 AM IST onwards at

Wishing You & Your Family A Very Happy Republic Day - 26 January.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Better Skills To Become Entrepreneur

I always look forward to share my professional experiences with Youth. I was delighted to receive a well structured and impressive  eMail  invitation from the renowned Maris Stella College [ Autonomous ], Vijayawada, my home town [now city] where I had four earlier occasions to speak on Career as Company Secretary. This time the invitation was to speak on anything that enriches Youth as the College was  organizing a National Youth Forum on 'Know Thyself'  on 20th & 21st January, 2012 as part Golden Jubilee celebrations. Having seen my profile, I was suggested to talk on  "Entrepreneur Skills & Ways To Become A Potential Employer" which I readily accepted to present the subject on 21st January [Saturday] for about one hour. This invitation was accorded to me as President of Rotary E-Club of District 3150 the First web-based Rotary Club in India.
To make it more effective, I have bifurcated the topic into three parts viz., Entrepreneur Characters, Entrepreneur Skills and the methodology to become Employer. A printout distributed to the participants containing summary of the following points brought forward to them during my presentation:
  • The young minds were informed that a skill is the ability to do something specific or to translate knowledge into action.It is easier to learn a skill than to develop a characteristic. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and run their own business as a potential entrepreneur requires specific characteristics and skills that are often achieved through education, hard work, and planning.
  • Entrepreneurial Traits or characteristics:
          1.Internal Control  - You control your own destiny, nothing else has an impact
          2.Risk-Taking - You are prepared to take on risks that others might avoid
          3.Autonomy - You value individuality, freedom and responsibility
          4.Need for Achievement - You are driven by socially-recognized achievement, not just financial rewards
          5.Self-Confidence - You are personally motivated and sure of your own abilities
          6.Innovation - You identify and exploit opportunities
         7.Vision & Flair - You can visualize or know your personal goals & feel you have ability to realise them.
         8.Pro-activity - You seek out opportunities & make change happen, you don’t rely on luck or other people.
  • Entrepreneur Skills include Research Skills, Gathering Information Skills, Using Information Skills, Management Skills, Planning Skills,     Organizing Skills, Directing Skills, Controlling Skills, Relationship Skills, People Management Skills, Communication & Presentation Skills, Service Skills
  • A Quote: True entrepreneurs face bureaucracy, make mistakes, receive criticism, and deal with money, family, or stress problems. But they still stick to their dreams of seeing the venture succeed.
Resource web-sites:
           Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Government of India)
           Business & Youth Starting Together
What impressed me more is the perfect co-ordination by the respected Faculty members of the College Dr.Little Flower [Dean], Dr. Asha Kumari [Director-Career Guidance], Mr Roopesh Bezawada [Director-Placement Cell] and Rev.Sr.P.Japamalai, [College Principal] and other staff both before and during the session, be it email communication or hospitality and taking care of the resource persons like me. I was informed that due to excess time consumed by earlier day speakers, the organizers could not keep-up the schedules on the following day. I was to wait for more than an hour for my turn and consequently forced to conclude my presentation for lunch break in time. 

In all the participants received the inputs very well as I see them listening with rapt attention and trying to capture and look for finer points to hone their skills to become a budding entrepreneur or employer.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wish You Happy & Accomplishing 2012

NewYear Greeting
Wish you the New Year 2010
Wish You Happy & Accomplishing 2012
with growing & glowing 
happiness, prosperity & success.
Have a great Season !!!!
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