Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making A Beginning With Apps

Mobile App:
A mobile app, short for mobile application or just app, is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices. This is an application, especially downloaded by a users to a mobile device.

I have created my own App called "Business Card App" to enable my contacts reach me more easily. When this app is downloaded by you on your mobile device, you are asked to add it to  "Home Screen" in addition to Bookmark. By default ' CS' icon with 'SVSN' text appears. You can change text to "SuryanaryanarayanaSV" or "Surya" to identify this app on Home Screen. I am now reachable just one click away.

My business card app even allows you to email me or browse my website and share my app with your contacts on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIin.

Just click on the link and follow the instructions to install my Business Card App on your Mobile device:

Mobile website:

I have upgraded my website to a mobile friendly website which can  be viewed conveniently on any mobile device by entering in a browser: