Friday, December 5, 2014

Help My Friend Win Photo Contest

VOTE for 2015 Calendar Photo Contest for all 22 photos clicked & posted by Mr. Satyanarayana Sarma A, who is my friend & co-resident in our Giridhari Executive Park gated community, Hyderabad, India

I request your support by clicking on "Vote" button just below the caption of every photo with "Satyanarayana Sarma A" name on contest open web-page (login / Registration not required) :

Looking forward for your Vote +  share + comments.

Rtn. CS Suryanarayana SV 
Hyderabad, India

====On 04/12/14 Satyanarayana Sharma A  wrote:========

Dear all
Here is a golden opportunity to help your/our society shine among all the apartment addas. You need to simply vote for the photos uploaded by the members of the EXECUTIVE PARK Pariwar to the web site of On typing this line in the address bar of any search engine (Google Chrome/Internet Explorer/Opera/Firefox, etc) and pressing the ENTER key, you will be able to access the opening page of the site. On the page, please right click on the line, 2015 Calendar Photo Contest - Now Live!!! at top. The link will take you to 
On scrolling down a bit you will find 243 photos in the order, 243, 242,241, .......... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 
I have uploaded 22 photos with S.Nos. 243 to 234, 230 to 228, 226 to 221, 218 to 216 (Name of the contestant is given below each photo). I request you to give your judgement by clicking on the "Vote" box provided just below the caption of each photo. You could vote for all of them, but only once and from any of the machines/devices (pc/laptop/tab/smart phone) you can catch hold of. 
Kindly remember: the voting is open to all and so you need not log on to your account or Yahoo Groups account (So, tell your friends too). Unfortunately, I had come to know of the contest at the 11th hour and uploading facility is removed as 03.12.2014 was the last date for the contestants; wish several others also had participated in contest. But, voting is right now ongoing. 
So what are you waiting for, just exercise your right to 'vote'.
Thank you for allocating your valuable time in reading this communication.
A.Satyanarayana Sharma
Giridhari Executive Park