Thursday, January 1, 2015

Introducing My Mobile Website New Features - January 2015

I have upgraded my website to a mobile friendly website which can  be viewed conveniently on smart phone or any mobile device by entering in a browser:

Here are the new active features / pages that have been added to my mobile web-site:

1. Rotarian == My profile as Rotarian since 1996
2. KnowledgeBase == For Resources or Checklists or FAQs
3. Facebook == Link to my Facebook Page

All this up-gradation, maintenance and adding new features are done with my own self-acquired skills without support of any software professionals or a firm.

Look-up, Explore Features & Comment
I wish the N E W Y E A R 2015 will fill & pack YOU up with power for Prosperity, Popularity & Potentiality for every thing you Aim, Begin, Create & Dream.

Rtn. CS Suryanarsyana SV