Monday, March 22, 2010

Heading For Patient-Friendly Hospital(ity)

Today's health care environment makes the hospitals recognize the importance of interactions with patient's family members for speedy recovery and improve patient well-being. Hospital stays are shorter, medical care is more technologically complex, resources are constrained, and there is a growing need for patients and families to have more information about, and involvement in, care decisions. A trusting relationship with patients and their families can be built on open but  honest communication by the Hospital staff.
This is what I exactly experienced recently.
Due to a severe pain in abdomen, I was to be shifted to Hospital on Sunday, the 21st March early hours.  Thanks to the quick arrival of 1-0-8  Ambulance which rushed me to Apollo Hospital, Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad. What I admired most is the free services of 1-0-8 with fair handling by its staff that too graciously denying the tips offered by my family members.
The treatment at Apollo was par excellent with patient-friendly focused philosophy. The 12 hour treatment including arrangements and care taken by the Hospital to move me over to Apollo Jubilee Hills Hospital to get myself undergo Ultra Sonography [Scanning abdomen]  were well handled with professional touch. I wish this tribe of Family Friendly Hospitals to adopt the following aspects also:
  1. Recognize the vital role of family members in ensuring health and well-being of the patient.
  2. Guide the attendants of patients in respect of claiming insurance or taking Health Insurance policy to bring important strengths to meet their health care experiences.
  3. Respect patient and family choices, their values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Promote sharing of information among patients, families and health care staff.
  5. Encourage families to educate themselves about diagnostic tests, treatments and  vital  aspects of post hospitalization health care.
  6. Educate about billing system, terminology used in bills. [ The bills given at the time of discharge at Apollo were not printed properly and the stationery belonging to the clinic of a different location. Discharge report was not provided in spite of my appeal to prefer insurance claim].
  7. Solicit feedback from patients and families on all services at Hospital.
  8. Incorporate family-centered care principles in every aspect of the hospital from having easy-to-read signs to training receptionists on how best to interact with patients and families.
  9. Avoid Chit chatting and usage of Mobile phones near patients.
The patient-friendly measures adopted by hospitals and clinics should become popular with patients as it helps them conquer their fear.
Doctors are the life saviors who work relentlessly to cure the ailments of the patients. On the occasion of Doctor's Day 30 March, as a patient, consultant for corporate hospitals and as a well-wisher, I express my  gratitude and appreciation for  all those Doctors  who help keep me in robust good health. My eGreetings web page:

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Power Of Communication

12 Essentials To Improve Communication Skills  was the subject during an all day training session I was taking  as part of the newly introduced Management Skills Orientation Programme -a Training Programme conducted by the Hyderabad Chapter of Company Secretaries for the final passed students of Company Secretaryship course. This was my 48th batch of training on same on the same topic since 1991, the only change was the duration of  the session extended to full day from the erstwhile half-day session. To make it more effective, I have restructured the modules with a refinement and enhanced add ons like exercises and games.  After completion of the session, few participants approached me to get their performance evaluated and doubts clarified. Though I have guided them with some techniques, the following inputs help these 50+ participants to hone their communication skills:
  1. Good communication skills have a significant impact on your career. Your ability to speak well will make you popular. You will be able to impress your higher ups with your confidence, initiative and creative ideas. Isn’t it a great way to propel your career to dizzy heights with better communication skills?
  2. Though some people have an innate ability to speak well, it is always possible to develop communication skills with a bit of hard work. Preparation and practice are best ways to overcome nervousness.
  3. To succeed in your career you must present yourself with confidence. Your messages should have both content and style that makes a good impression on the listeners. Only practice and more practice can help you develop these qualities. So make it a point to devote enough time to master communication skills.
  4. Be prepared to go that extra mile - Attend seminars, interactive sessions and discussions to improve your communication skills. You can also take advantage of training programms organized by professional bodies.
  5. Good communication skills have to go hand-in-hand with talent, ability and knowledge. Let others know your talent with your better communication.
In all, this session was well received as indicated in the written feedback given by the attendees.Here are the thoughts and impressions by few participants in their written feedback:
  • What I have liked best in this session was the opportunity given to everyone to speak. "Flight In Bhopal" was my topic when I was invited to speak. - Ms.Tulsi Agrawal, Hyderabad.
  • My memorable experience was when I received feedback from the Faculty on my trail speech about my happiest day when my sistercleared her MA (Sanskrit) Exam. - Mr. Anandteerth.V Hippasayi, Hyderabad.
  • I rate this session as Excellent. I didn't feel tired -Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh, Hyderabad.
  • Oh! He is Awesome! My memorable experience was when I was called on to the stage to speak. - Ms. Padma Agarwal, Secunderabad.
  • Super session !!!. I would like to have the previlage of attending such session again in future. -Mr.Rahul Jain, Hyderabad.
  • Illustrating and clarifying the points was excellent. I learnt the way to deliver the speech. -Mr. Bimal Prasad Patnaik, Puri, Orissa State.
  • Interaction with participants was the best I lkied. -Mr. Rabindra Kumar, Visakhapatnam.
  • More time must be allotted to the participants' speech. My memorable moment in the session was the Faculty sample speech. -Mr. Satyabrata Padhi, Cuttack.
  • I suggest the Faculty to extend this session to two days. I liked the maintenance of friendly and helpful approach by the Faculty. - Mr Rammohan D, Hyderabad.
  • Making every participant to speak from the dias and waiting for my turn to come so that I can speak were my memorable experiences. More practical examples were required. Ms. Yogita, Hyderabad.
  • The session was very much beneficial. I felt that one more sesion is necessary for improvement of skills, Mr. Nagabhushanam, Lecturer in Law, Bhimavaram
  • I learnt techniques of communication. The Faculty was really excellent. - Mr. Lucky A Popli, Nagpur

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome The Telugu New Year - 16 March

Every Indian festival has its own purpose with a significance and known for celebrating in style and grand manner. They could symbolise seasonal change, a new year, signify a value or stand for a great occasion.
Ugadi - the Telugu New Year Day, is observed on Chaitra Shuddha Padyami of the Hindu calendar.  There is a great significance and cultural importance behind celebrating Telugu New Year on March 16, Tuesday. The word Ugadi is derived from Sanskrit, which means beginning of a new year. (Yuga – era, aadi – beginning) and this day marks the beginning of the new Hindu lunar calendar with a change in the moon’s orbit. The 60-year cycle brings us the new year by name  ‘Vikruti’ samvatsara this year.
It also heralds the onset of the spring – synonymous with ushering in of new life on earth. Spring is considered as the first season of the year indicating a new beginning. The trees shed old leaves paving way for the new one. The occasion signifies commencement of a new phase in life with renewed vigour and energy, past the defeats and unpleasant moments of the bygone year.
Various rituals mark the ushering in of the new era.Temples and homes are decorated on this day. The entrances are decorated with fresh mango leaves.[like the image embeded on top of this blog.] The “Ugadi Pachadi”  - a special item to be consumed during early hours, is prepared with neem leaves, jaggery, raw mango, tamarind juice, green chilli and a pinch of salt. The ingredients symbolise six tastes – bitterness, sweet, tang, sourness, heat and saltiness corresponding to six experiences of anger, happiness, disgust, sadness, fear and surprise. 
Ugadi, a celebration of life, thus announces the beginning of all that is new under the sun.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tribute To Women

Commemoration of women's rights and achievements was initiated in The United States in 1909. In this year, during some great demonstrations that were being held in the name of the struggle for civil, economic and political rights of women, celebrations were held. A year later two advocates for women's rights, Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai, proposed an official International Day for Women. It was organized on March 19th, 1911 with celebrations held across Europe and America.
In 1913 International Women's Day was moved to March 8 and over the years it has come to represent many other issues, including justice, peace and development. Today it is a national holiday in many countries, and is also celebrated in India.
Wishing & Greetings to all the Women Achievers world over.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Apply Six Thinking Hats

I have taken a Training Session for the semi-qualified Company Secretaries during the 1st Executive Development Programme organized  by the Hyderabad Chapter of Company Secretaries. It was also a challenge to me to design this new subject for a Training session of this nature. The session went off with the best involvement of 53 boys and girls. I admire their patience to follow and understand the new concept of Thinking. I have a satisfaction, though flaws occurred in the flow, the youngsters effectively involved in solving the exercise given on the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar [recently broke the world record with 200 runs in  One Day International Cricket]. 

I have also compiled a leaflet to distribute to the participants. Download link:

I am looking forward for all the 9 teams Blue Hat Leaders to submit their report in the comments box of this Blog on following assignment for my evaluation:
PROPOSAL: Your Company proposes YOU to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility project to renovate a School costing Rupees 25,000 with in one day in a Village 50 Km from Hyderabad.What Is Your Team Decision To Implement This Project.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Startup1Blog - Online Classes & Courses

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